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Come Down and Relax It’s Summer in Costa Rica

Sumer in Costa Rica begins in Janurary. As the sun moves over 9.7° N lattitude, summer reaches its peak in March. Daytime tempeatures push into 80 degrees, and at night it’s a comfortable 66 degrees. Of course the summer in Costa Rica is perfect for outdoor activities. If you are coming to San Jose, then […]

What Are The Main Methods of Handicapping Football?

Generally speaking, there are three main methods of handicapping that sports handicappers (or more specifically football handicappers) employ. Namely, 1) Model handicapping (a.k.a. power ratings handicapping), 2) Fundamental analysis, and 3) Technical analysis. When it comes to model handicapping there are two ways that football handicappers utilize models to generate pointspread predictions on individual games. […]

What is Football Handicapping?

Sports handicapping in general (and football handicapping in particular) means utilizing one or more methods of analyzing sporting events (or football games in particular) in order to determine if there is value betting on either the favorite or the underdog in individual games. If a handicapper´s analysis indicates that there isn´t a significant amount of […]

How To Make Money Betting NFL Teasers!

In addition to side bets (a.k.a. pointspread bets), the other type of bet that I frequently make is called a teaser bet. While teaser bets vary by the number of teams involved in the teaser as well as by the number of points, the teaser bets that I make are almost always the standard 2 […]

The Basics of NFL Wagering

The most basic and common NFL bet that people make on NFL games is a side bet, which is a type of a wager that is called a straight bet (or a straight play).  In addition to side bets (also known as pointspread bets), other types of straight bets include game total bets and moneyline […]

Fun and Value at Little Havana Sports Bar and Hotel

With room rates starting at $60/night and a 10 percent discount for CRT Members, Little Havana Sports Bar and Hotel is a great place to relax in downtown San Jose. Located in the heart of the gringo gultch, Little Havana is close to the nightlife and casinos. However, with all the fun at the bar, […]