Sportsmens Lodge

Costa Rica Tica of the Month Celeste

It’s October, and as Costa Rica opens once again for tourism, let us welcome Celeste, a 27-year-old girl from Tibas who is hoping for positive change. A graduate in Anthropology, Celeste is excited about Globalization and the new world order that will emegre as the pandemic ends. She is curious and at the same time […]

September Tica of the Month Ruby

As we head into September and autumn, let us welcome Ruby, our beautiful Tica of the Month. Ruby is a 26-year-old girl from San José who works as a seamstress. Although the situation caused Ruby to put on hold her studies to become a fashion designer, the former housewife is resourceful and optimistic in the […]

August Tica of the Month Adriana

As we head into August, the month of new beginnings, let us welcome Adriana, our beautiful Tica of the Month. Adriana is an 18-year-old girl from San José who teaches Spanish online. And although she loves teaching, what Adriana really enjoys is salsa dancing at night and going to the beach on weekends. Want to […]

July Tica of the Month Raquel

Good things rarely come twice. Which, makes Raquel, our beautiful July Tica of the Month such a wonderful surprise. This cute girl from Liberia loves to party and work out in the gym. Due to the crisis, she is busy switching careers from hair stylist and training to be a customer service representative in a […]

June Tica of the Month Maira

We are pleased to present Maira, our Tica of the Month for June. Maira is a 22-year-old voluptuous girl from Alajuela who works part-time as a receptionist. For Maira, the office routine sometimes becomes a little boring. She is a girl who loves rock n’ roll and dancing. Want to see more of Maira, as […]

May Tica of the Month Emma

We are pleased to present Emma our beautiful, 20-year-old Tica of the Month for May. Emma, with her porcelain skin and a sweet smile, is a Biology student. She is passionate about butterflies, which is why she really enjoys her part-time job at the butterfly conservatory. Want to see more of Emma, as well as […]