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Costa Rica Tica of the Month Kate

Let’s welcome Kate, our March Tica Of The Month. Kate is a sweet 19-year-old babe from Alajuela. She has a stunning body and is a very energetic girl. She has a passion for sports and is studying to become a Physical Education teacher. To pay for her studies Kate works as a Barista in a […]

February Tica of the Month Pilar

The month of Love is here, and to celebrate let’s welcome Pilar, our February Tica of the Month. A beautiful 19-year-old girl from San José, Pilar is a cheerful and fun girl who is the life of the party. She was working part-time as a waitress in a beach restaurant before starting her modeling career. […]

January Tica of the Month Monica

A new year, a new beginning, a new chapter of our lives. As Thomas Jefferson said “I like the dreams of the future better than the history of the past.” And nothing better than dreaming about Ticas, so I’m glad to introduce you to Monica, our beautiful January Tica Of The Month. 23-year-old Monica has […]

December Tica of the Month Salma

The Holidays are here and to celebrate let’s welcome Salma our December Tica Of the Month. This 25-year-old gorgeous and voluptuous girl from Tamarindo works in a Flower Shop. She’s femenine, elegant and delicate. She likes wearing dresses, skirts, high heels and jewels too. And she definitely has a good taste for underwear and a […]

November Tica of the Month Maya

Let’s welcome Maya, our November Tica of the Month. Maya is a beautiful and breathtaking young model, who enjoys the simple things of life. Maya has a part time job as a secretary in a law firm and dedicates her free time to her main passion, Sports. During the afternoon when she’s not playing beach […]

October Tica of the Month Julie

Please, let’s stand up from our seats and warmly welcome this future Movie Star, Julie, our October Tica of the Month. This tall and gorgeous 19-year-old girl from Alajuela is a Performing Arts student, her beauty and natural acting ability have already opened to her the doors in some theaters with a well-deserved leading role. […]