Sportsmens Lodge

Costa Rica Tica of the Month Wendy

Wendy is a 19-year-old beauty from Nicoya. A nature enthusiast, she enjoys the outdoors, surfing and going to the beach with friends. Whether you find Wendy poolside or in the surf, she is full of energy and enthusiasm. After the sun goes down, she loves dancing and meeting new people. Want to see more of […]

February Tica of the Month Isabel

As we head into the month of love, please open your hearts to Isabel, our February Tica of the Month. A 22-year-old beauty from Liberia, Isabel works part-time in a restaurant. She loves anything related to food, enjoys cooking and trying out new recipes. Her dream is to open her own restaurant. Want to see […]

January Tica of the Month Gina

With January comes another year, and 2019 awaits us, like a chapter in a book, waiting for the first page to be written. To ring in the new year, CRT is pleased to present the lovely Gina, our January Tica of the Month. 22 years old, and a part time college student, Gina balances her […]

December Tica of the Month Lorena

December marks the close of another outstanding year in Costa Rica, and there are few more pleasurable ways to end the year than with an exciting Tica. Lorena, our December Tica of the Month is the original bad girl. She delivers a package of excitement, showing us so intimately how it’s fun to be a […]

November Tica of the Month Tina

As we head into the home stretch of 2018 where has the time gone? We are pleased to present Tina, our November Tica of the Month. This 24-year-old Tica party girl is firecracker and video gamer. She is the perfect model to party with through the end of the year. Want to see more of […]

October Tica of the Month Sileny

Finishing the green season in Costa Rica, we are pleased to present Sileny as our October Tica of the Month. This 27-year-old Tica party girl is a casino dealer and bartender with an appetite for fun. She is the perfect model to bring in the end of year parties and celebrations that make San Jose […]