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Costa Rica Tica of the Month Julie

Please, let’s stand up from our seats and warmly welcome this future Movie Star, Julie, our October Tica of the Month. This tall and gorgeous 19-year-old girl from Alajuela is a Performing Arts student, her beauty and natural acting ability have already opened to her the doors in some theaters with a well-deserved leading role. […]

September Tica of the Month Cristal

We enter the second half of the year and we don’t get tired of admiring the beauty of Ticas, so let’s give a warm welcome to Cristal, our September Tica Of The Month. Cristal is a beautiful and attractive 22-year-old girl from San José. As you can see she loves to pose for the camera […]

August Tica of the Month Ana

Charming and expressive, Ana our August Tica of the Month, is a 19-year-old cutie from Liberia. A natural free spirit, Ana is a student of fashion design by day and a party goer by night. She loves to be the center of attention and it was a challenge to keep her floral print dress on […]

July Tica of the Month Perla

Let’s welcome July with Perla, our Tica of the Month. A lovely 23-year old from Tamarindo, Perla has beautiful tanned skin and a beautiful smile. She works as a tourist guide, and is one of the best, not only because she enjoys nature but manages to capture those unique details that many people miss. As […]

June Tica of the Month Soraya

We’re in the middle of the year and to celebrate let’s welcome Soraya, our June Tica of The Month. This 23-year-old girl from Tamarindo surprises us with her beauty, energy and sympathy. From the word go, tanned and voluptuous Soraya Soraya enjoyed every picture she posed for and looked great in every outfit. Want to […]

May Tica of the Month Oriana

As we head into Spring, we are pleased to present Oriana as our May Tica of the Month. A 23-year-old beauty from Liberia, Oriana works as a waitress in a restaurant. She has a wild personality and is always up to some kind of adventure. Oriana loves tattos and they do look great on her […]

April Tica of the Month Vicky

Funny and Independent, Vicky is studying for a career in the medical profession while working part time as a model. She balances work and school with fun time, relaxing and catching up with friends on the weekends. A natural beauty, Vicky’s turns heads with her height and toned body. Want to see more of Vicky, […]

March Tica of the Month Wendy

Wendy is a 19-year-old beauty from Nicoya. A nature enthusiast, she enjoys the outdoors, surfing and going to the beach with friends. Whether you find Wendy poolside or in the surf, she is full of energy and enthusiasm. After the sun goes down, she loves dancing and meeting new people. Want to see more of […]

February Tica of the Month Isabel

As we head into the month of love, please open your hearts to Isabel, our February Tica of the Month. A 22-year-old beauty from Liberia, Isabel works part-time in a restaurant. She loves anything related to food, enjoys cooking and trying out new recipes. Her dream is to open her own restaurant. Want to see […]

January Tica of the Month Gina

With January comes another year, and 2019 awaits us, like a chapter in a book, waiting for the first page to be written. To ring in the new year, CRT is pleased to present the lovely Gina, our January Tica of the Month. 22 years old, and a part time college student, Gina balances her […]