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Dining Among the Stars in San Jose

Folkloric show at Mirador Ram Luna in Aserrí

Folkloric show at Mirador Ram Luna in Aserrí

Nestled in the mountains above the central valley, Mirador Ram Luna has for 17 years been a popular place to enjoy dinner with an outstanding view. Located in the caton of Aserrí, the once rural zone just south of San José has seen much development in recent years. Visitors can still enjoy a glimpse of a simpler time in Costa Rica with a folkloric performance on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

Local travel agents in San Jose can book tickets for the show along with a hotel transfer. Any other night of the week except Monday (closed), you can just hop into a taxi and say Mirador Ram Luna. It's a good idea to leave after 7pm, when hopefully the rush hour traffic in San Jose has finished. The restaurant opens in the afternoon on weekends, but closes early on Sunday.

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