Sportsmens Lodge

Superbowl Party at the Sportmens Lodge

CRT and Go Wide Sports are pleased to sponsor the Super Bowl party at the Sportsmens Lodge. Enjoy 8 hours of food and drink while watching the Super Bowl in the company of our friends at the the Sportsmens Lodge in Costa Rica.

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Tickets Just $65.00

10 Percent Cash Discount for CRT VIP Members

Just 200 Tickets Sold

Limited Availability -- Reserve Your Ticket in Advance

All you can eat & drink included for 8 full hours!

Admission is $65, and includes open bar and special event menu. CRT VIP Members receive a discount of 10 percent (cash payment only). Each person needs to be a member “on their own” to receive this or any other CRT VIP discount.

Drinks include Vodka (Smirnoff), Scotch (JW Red), Shots of Jose Cuervo, all Costa Rica domestic beers, and variety of juices, water and sodas. Food is served continuously by roaming servers from party’s beginning to end. Entertainment includes the Sportsmens Lodge dancers, Budweiser girls dancer and a visit from the Mariachi Band. The lodge will also hand out over $4,000 in raffle prizes, and offer over $9,500 in football pools. The event is a great value, considering that it's over 8 hours of food, beverages and entertainment for one price.

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