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Costa Rica Top 10!

Our seasoned Costa Rican travelers have compiled “the Costa Rica Ticas Top 10 List” that is a must if you are planning to travel to Costa Rica. Whether you’re a seasoned vet or a first timer, this article will surely keep you out of trouble.

Going to Costa Rica or any foreign country for the first time for that matter can be nerve wracking experience and our veterans have compiled a list of items that will make your journey and your vacation more enjoyable.

1. One of the only countries I have ever been in that has a duty free shop in the baggage claim area on the way out of the airport when entering the country. Pick up some essentials there, such as some great values on vodka, rum, wine, cigars & cigarettes. There is no limit to what you can buy entering the country, but check with the duty free officer when departing back to the states on limits of alcohol you can bring back..

2. Cab fare downtown is $12.00 US and you can pay for that in American currency at
the taxi fare booth outside the airport. Beware of gypsy cabs and put your own luggage in the trunk as there are guys there trying to hustle you to lift up your bag for all of 3 seconds. Cab drivers are knowledgeable but if you don’t have a reservation they get a kick back to bring you to a hotel they will recommend.

2. Changing money is not required in the airport as any hotel you stay at usually will change if for you 24 hours per day. If not any of the Casinos will give you a better than fare exchange rate 24-7 and you are not required to play to change dollars to.

3. Ask for a higher floor at any hotel, as street noise in the morning is loud and the horns never stop blowing. Remember to get your credit card back upon check in at the hotel and get their safe key or instructions to store your valuables. Whatever fee you pay it is well worth it.

4. Markets or Mercado’s are open late but its better to do some light shopping and pick up bottled water, juice or soda for your room. Some hotels have 24 hour room service some do not so keep some items in your room for you or your guests. If you didn’t feel like stopping in duty free local markets also have a wide variety of beers, wines & liquors that are substantially higher priced than the Duty free but not bad by American standards.

5. A few extra dollars to the maids for extra towels is a must as well as you just don’t know how many you will go through till you get there. Also carry some loose bills for tips. A dollar does a long way in C.R. you watch and see.

6. Buy a (ICE) phone card at your hotel for calls to the states. It is easy to use and the most economical way to call back home. Note if you call from a hotel room with the ICE card your caller ID back home will not show a # but if you call from a pay phone the number will show up ++506 --- ---. Some internet cafes have net to phone services which are not much cheaper than the ICE card, but they are hard to find and always busy.

7. Keep coins and small bills for the Taxi drivers who never have Change! Also always take a metered taxi as they gypsy cabs will charge you 3 or 4 times the actual fare.

8. Bring any essential medical items from the states with you. Although pharmacies are numerous, getting the exact medication can be a problem.

9. You are going there to have fun, but be careful of your surroundings. There are good places and bad placed in every city and some street smarts will do you well. Watch where you walk at night and taking a taxi is always recommended. They are cheap and the safest way to get to point A and B, you will not be sorry. There are pick-pockets on the street like every major city in the world, avoiding the beggars and what appear to be harmless locals will keep you out of danger and your pockets filled with your hard earned cash. Street Hawkers are abundant and are also to be avoided from everything from the phony Cuban cigars to that annoying guy with the wooden whistles in front of the News Café.

10. Most of all, if you are on a stress releasing vacation NEGOTIATE. You are about to go into the belly of the beast with some of the most intoxicating, beautiful sexy women you will ever meet and they all want your company. You will feel like a rock star, and remember that fact. You have the power, and there are 4 of them for every one of you. Negotiate and never pay the asking price. A simple exchange or the cost of a soft drink or alcoholic beverage will allow you to get a feel for the experience you are about to have. If doesn’t feel right, excuse yourself and move on.

We hope this list of top 10 items prepares you for your trip to the hottest destination for single male travelers in the world. Costa Rica is not a sexual tourism destination as some people may portray it. It has beautiful beaches, volcanoes, rain forests, mountains, and many other things that you should see while visiting this country. Some of the above items are geared towards specific travelers that may want to experience some of the legal things that are available to males that we can not get in the United States. If is your choice to do what you want when traveling and remember follow the laws of the land, keep you nose clean and have fun and I promise you will never if ever have a better time than you will have in this wonderful little country.

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