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Special Offer from Costa Rica Dental Team for CRT VIP Members

CRT members have been choosing Costa Rica Dental Team for more than five years for one simple reason: Costa Rica Dental Team is the only dental clinic in Costa Rica that is 100% American-owned and operated. Literally hundreds of CRT members have received world-class care at Costa Rica Dental Team, located just 15 minutes from downtown San Jose, in the safe, cosmopolitan suburb of Curridabat.

Costa Rica Dental Team is recognized for dental implants and full mouth reconstructions. In fact, more people get full mouth reconstructions at Costa Rica Dental Team than at any other dental clinic in Costa Rica. Many CRT members have received new smiles at prices that are 50%-80% less than the same work in the US.

While some dental clinics try to promote a free exam as a “special offer;” at Costa Rica Dental Team, dental exams are ALWAYS FREE for CRT members. As a special thank you to CRT customers, owner Mike Lomax (from Michigan) has extended a special offer. For members only, Costa Rica Dental Team will be giving a free bag of coffee when you schedule a dental appointment.

For the convenience of CRT members, Costa Rica Dental Team offers free transportation from your hotel to their offices with an English-speaking American driver. If you decide to schedule dental work, you can be confident in the quality of Costa Rica Dental Team. In fact, all dental crowns and implants come with a 10 year Replacement Guarantee. If you should have any problem with your crowns or implants within 10 years of your visit; Costa Rica Dental Team invites CRT members to come back and they will repair or replace your crowns or implants for FREE.

Visit their website at or read their reviews online at Costa Rica’s Dental Trip Advisor…


  1. haroldsnydey says:

    Yea Mike!
    Go Michigan except when they’re playing Notre Dame.
    Great work.
    Will be back June 11

    Harold Snyder

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